Sponsorship Opportunity

Both Professional and amateur Riders can Apply 

We want you! As we are supporting motorcycle racing for many years in the shape of Sponsoring the Motorcycle Riders with a Full Custom Made Racing Leather to save them from serious injuries during the wreck. Moto Gear is looking for riders that are in need of support to help them achieve their goals and look good doing it.

Resumes are accepted November 22st through January 30th and can be emailed to the following address

Email: sponsorship@moto-gear.us

There are different levels of sponsorship and we want to help everyone that requests it in some way if possible. Moto Gear sponsors hundreds of riders every year and we are going to sponsor this year's kids as well, please make sure that you include the following information.

Rider name, address, phone number, and email address
Rider headshot and action shot on bike
Current and prior year results

Our Sponsored Riders:-