Recommended Flow

  1. Tell your friend about our company
  2. Your friend will order a product  and write your name and email on provided basic info sheet to get  the $100 credits for himself and yourself
  3. You can use that $100 on your next buy from us. More recommendation More Awards.

By Introducing your friends, family or business partners to Moto Gear, you could win cash bonus! USD100 for each 1 success referral!

 For example, if you refer 7 customers successfully, USD700 reduced when you buy your own custom made racing leather, means your custom made racing leather fully FREE.

Valid within 31st  DEC 2017:

 Refer a Friend and Get $100

No Max limit! More recommendation, More Awards!

Start referring now! 
Because if we are late, maybe your friends will be referred by other members, and you might lose the chance!

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Q : If several people have made successful referrals, who will get the renewal bonus? 
A:The buyer will write his name on the basic info sheet when he will order his suit. One person can write only one name at a time on his buy.

Q: How do I track the referral progress? 
A:As soon as we get any sale and found your name and email on the sheet , we will notify you via email about your credits amounts .

Q: What is Moto Gear Referral System?
A: Moto Gear Referral System allows Peoples to receive certain benefits if they share with a friend for buying customized racing leathers and tells them to write their name on basic info sheet during confirming the order.

Q: How to get the reward?
A: if you have credits you can get reward any time with buying any product , we will reduce that money from your total buying values …

Q: Who gets the reward if the referred user has been referred twice?
A: The referee whose name was written on the basic info sheet by the referred user and referred user can write only one name on the provided basic info sheet.


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